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Introduction- Understanding Allergies

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Modules 1-3: The first three modules of the course provide a background and foundation for understanding why and how allergic reactions occur. In your workbook, you will focus on your personal experiences, explore your holistic health, and set up some tools that will be of use as you move through the rest of the course. Disclaimer: This course contains opinions, experiences, and ideas presented by the instructor. It is designed to provide helpful and informative material on the subject matter covered. However, it is important to note that the instructor and any related entities are not engaged in rendering professional services through this course. The content provided is not a substitute for personalized advice or assistance. If a student requires professional guidance or advice related to their specific circumstances, it is strongly advised to consult with a licensed professional in the relevant field. The instructor and any associated parties disclaim any liability for actions taken based on the course material.

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