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Keisha Christian founded Keisha's Gemz, LLC, now known as Dropping Gemz®. This dynamic company includes award-winning books, a publishing company, and an online school called Dropping Gemz® Academy. Keisha began exploring holistic healing when she faced a persistent health problem that doctors could not diagnose. After meeting with a Natural Health Practitioner and making changes to her diet, exercise regimen, and meditation techniques, she saw a dramatic improvement in her health and well-being. This inspired her to formalize her knowledge by learning from Master Herbalists, Holistic Practitioners and becoming a certified Holistic Health Coach.

As a renowned non-fiction author, Keisha has earned several awards and nominations for her books, including Healthy Gemz, Holistic Gemz, and the ACHI Magazine Awards Nominee for Health & Wellness, Author of the Year, and Educator of the Year. Drawing on over two decades of experience as an educator, Keisha empowers her clients and students with knowledge and emphasizes that small steps lead to vibrant health. She remains dedicated to exploring new and effective ways to render holistic healing.


Health Coach

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